Monday, 9 August 2010

New Performance Improvements

Welcome to another installment about the development of 3D onto Bing Maps Silverlight control (University of Otago - Interactive Campus Map, iMap)

Recently the performance of iMap has become rather slow, which an increase in displayed elements.

I have started to improve performance of loading/usability by removing objects (buildings) from the visual tree if they do not fit in the current viewable area, then adding them back in when they are within the viewable area.

One performance downside of this is that the adding and removing of a large number of UIElements form the visual tree such as when going from viewing the whole of the Dunedin campus to viewing the Invercargill campus is slow and the application freezes and the view does not transition to the new location it just jumps.
There may be some background way to remove these items without the performance loss, which is something I will look into.

Thank you for the positive comments we have received for the application and please if you have any please use the "iMap Feedback" button at the bottom left of the application to send us any feedback.


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